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Deirdre Haynes, Ed.S, LPCS

The Blindspot Biz 

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Hello! My name is Deirdre Haynes and I am a licensed Hypnotherapist at my private mental health practice, Deirdre Haynes Counseling Services. The Blindspot Biz, is an online self-development hub. It was created so that I could help women get unstuck so that they can accomplish their goals. The Blindspot Biz offers books, workbooks, courses, and other digital products to help professional women, budding entrepreneurs, and aspiring creatives discover their blind spots, change their mindsets, and ultimately transform their lives!

currently nerding out over digital lab lessons on:

Sales Funnels

I think that is an awesome opportunity to watch someone grow their business while teaching us how it is done! We are growing our businesses together! 

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