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Hey there! My name is Tatum Pettrey – and like many, I am a multi-faceted entrepreneur. I started my wedding and event planning business, Make My Day in 2016 and soon after launched The Make My Day Wedding Expo, a more intimate take on the average bridal show. Most recently, I launched my blog and digital shop, Tatum Aleksey, a platform for me to allow myself to have a creative outlet through writing, a hobby I have always had, while also providing educational content and products that can benefit people from a variety walks of life. I want to use my personal and professional experiences to inspire, support and educate others. I am married to a golf loving CPA and together, we are now venturing down the path of parenthood to our sweet baby girl, Beckett and our wild Border Collie. 

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Digital Biz Life

If you are like me and have a hard time getting yourself to actually participate in a course - the Digital Lab is great. So many topics that you can find and learn about at your own pace. Plus, the wide variety of topics and information is a huge bonus and goes to a much deeper level than most courses on the market.

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